Diesel injection pumps were our origin in 1939. Vane pumps & vane motors is our task during the last 60 years.

Our challenge, be the best.
Oem Parts & Replacement Parts
Who we are

TDZ, located in Zaragoza and Toledo, (Spain)

Have been manufacturing equipment for the automotive sector and industrial machinery since 1939. We are proud to celebrate our 80 Anniversary during 2019.

Its beginnings as a producer of injection pumps for the most important industrial vehicle manufacturers, (Mercedes Benz, Robert Bosch, G.M., Case, etc...) provided TDZ with the required human and technical capital to create in the 60's the first hydraulic pump plant.

Currently, TDZ products may be found in more than 100 countries over five continents through our network of distributors, customers and OEM's. Bezares, S.A. and TDZ Hydraulics, S.A. have been collaborating for many years sharing technology. In August 2010, Bezares S.A. acquired all TDZ assets, such as Machinery, Inventory, Designs and Customer Portfolio to continue with the TDZ production.

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